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Individual and Family Counseling

Central Texas Therapy Clinic provides full-service psychological examination and treatment for individuals, couples, and families throughout Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. Treatments and counseling cover a range of conditions including anxiety, stress management, and depression. Laura Ward Woelfel, EdD LPC-S is licensed to counsel and advise clients through life's challenges that are restricting their ability to achieve their best self.

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Contact Central Texas Therapy Clinic today and start a conversation with Laura about your particular situation. Laura offers in-person and virtual visit options.

Irlen® Syndrome Treatment

Certified Irlen® Syndrome Diagnostician

In addition, Laura is certified by the Irlen® Syndrome Institute to diagnose and treat clients with Irlen® Syndrome. Laura has a long list of delighted clients who have found marked improvement in their concentration and reading comprehension with the assistance of Irlen® filters.

Resources and Client Forms

For your convenience, we provide common forms online. Print and fill them out at home and save yourself time when you visit us.

A Word about Blue Blockers

Here's a short video of a conversation I had with Helen Irlen concerning Blue Blockers that many of my clients are using. They're not for everyone, and it's important that proper testing and diagnosis is made before using Blue Blockers.


"On a day [when] I don't wear my glasses... it's not a fun day."

Filter Comparison

Hudson compares his reading experience both with and without filters. Words on the white page stop glowing and jiggling with filters.

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